The EDT sessions

EDT for learner drivers is a 12-hour course delivered in 12 one-hour sessions.

It is recommended that you allow two weeks between each session so that you can take further driving instruction, practise your new-found skills and do the required road safety reading. It’s best to spread your EDT course over a six-month period. Alternatively, you may be eligible for reduced EDT which is delivered in six one-hour sessions.
Comfy Schedule

We offer convenient
scheduling six days a week.

Helping Center

We help nervous drivers
and the elderly.

Quality Service

We offer quality service at reasonable rates.

Training Car

We offer the use of the training car for road tests.


Our Packages

KV1 driving school offers the following services for Teenage first-time drivers, new
adult learners and existing drivers with lapsed licenses..

6 Lessons

285 00 EUR
1 Hour Each
  • 6 1-hour lessons

1 Hour Lesson

50 00 EUR
1 Hour Lesson
  • 1 Hour Lesson